Here's why a vending machine is essential for your business

In the current situation, your sales may have declined or even stopped. Still, you could revive them. How? 'Or' What? Discover the main advantages of a vending machine to keep selling.


Open 24/7, 365 days a year

Vending Solutions Oakland is an extension of your business. With this type of device, your customers can get some of your items, even if your business must remain closed. And you boost your sales.


A new group of clients

Today's generation of customers is used to buying self-service products. For example, meals are prepared through a vending machine. This purchasing method, therefore, brings new opportunities for you.


Your Oakland Vending Machine Solutions is a convenient and inexpensive way to:

  • relaunch the sale of some of your products
  • maintain the visibility of your business or your brand in the neighborhood
  • meet the expectations of your customers 



Your sales restart

Vending machines is a profitable way to jump start your business and revitalize your product offering. In addition, you determine which products you offer. This way, you can continue to sell despite closing your physical store.


With a vending machine, you opt for comfort, speed, and accessibility. In this way, you meet customer expectations and see your sales gain momentum. Remember to get a specialist who is expert in vending installation and stocking so that, the vending machine is properly installed.


Easily track your turnover

With the most advanced self-service machines equipped with a payment terminal, you have clear statistics and reports of sales and receipts. These reports are presented on the machine's screen, on a receipt that you print, or via the Internet. Day after day, you follow the development of your business, and you can make the necessary changes on time.


Inform your customers through your vending machine

Need to send a message to your customers? You can use the screen of your payment terminal. Your distributor is also a great public relations tool: you show that your company is always accessible, available to your customers, and at the forefront of innovation.


Proximity and sustainability

With a vending machine, you bet on proximity and sustainability. As a trader or producer, you sell your products to the local community without having to make hefty investments in (the extension of) a physical store or in staff. It is no coincidence that the distributors of local merchants promoting a local product are more and more numerous in short circuits!


Vending machines have made their nest everywhere

This equipment allows us to distribute hot or cold drinks, snacks, etc. In addition, we can have access to farmers' distributors. They then offer us products such as milk, potatoes, eggs or other local products. This allows local producers to sell their products at really attractive prices because they do not rent premises. Especially, they are very useful when we are in a hurry, and there is no time to queue at the supermarket checkout. Lastly, it is very important to choose a vending provider who offers the best vending machines which is suitable for your business.